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The Academy, or Sparkol Academy, is our in-person training service designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and expertise to take your creations to the global stage.

As one of the services offered by Sparkol, the Academy is perfect for aspiring VideoScribe creators or teams in the workplace. Read through the Academy guide to find a solution that best suits you.


Our courses and workshops

Whatever your objective or skill level, our Academy team are here to help you get the largest impact from your VideoScribe subscription. We offer a range of learning solutions; from bespoke webinars to face-to-face workshops for groups or individuals. Just choose your learning level and we'll customize your solution.


VideoScribe: the basics

This is our fundamentals workshop where you'll learn how to plan out your VideoScribe project and gain an understanding of what makes a 'good scribe'. We’ll cover the basics of creating your scribe within the app, including adding your visual content and working with audio. We'll then give you a detailed understanding of the element property settings and how you can use the various animation techniques. We’ll also cover how you can move the camera around the canvas to really bring your video to life, and how to save and publish your video into multiple formats.


VideoScribe: advanced skills

This is our advanced workshop where you will learn how to create sophisticated video content with VideoScribe. We'll show you how to control the camera, create different themes, get inventive with animation, and utilize the advanced morphing techniques.

We'll also teach you the professional tips to fully customize your VideoScribe, including creating SVG custom images using Adobe Illustrator or InkScape, editing audio with Audacity, creating your custom hand for the illustration effect using Photoshop and creating GIFs from your video using Premiere.


See what others have said about the Academy

"The in-person training delivered by Jonny and Oliver from Sparkol was wonderful. It was a combination of theory and practical exercises to get the students making things with the software. This worked really well and built the confidence in video creation and helped staff to get more out of using VideoScribe."

- Ronald Bremer, HR Development Adviser

University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, Netherlands


Online training with Udemy

Udemy is one of the leading online learning marketplaces, aimed at professional adults and students with over 50 million enrolled users learning from their platform. We’re so pleased to announce the launch of our Udemy courses, designed specifically for you by our Head Trainer, Jonny!

In our VideoScribe Fundamentals Training: Creating Animated Videos course, Jonny has captured our top hints and tips so you can quickly learn how easy it is to create engaging whiteboard animation videos using VideoScribe. If our bespoke courses with our Academy don't quite suit your objectives, we're confident our Udemy courses will.

Udemy Courses

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